About Museum of Senses

The Museum of Senses is a unique concept in which visitors explore the world of sight, smell, touch, sound, taste, and balance. The exhibition gallery turns into a space where visitors are inspired to observe, reflect upon and try things out. Walk-in installations, touchable objects, and interactive exhibits convey concepts in playful and creative ways.

The uniqueness of the concept is not only to activate the visitors’ intellect but also to captivate and stimulate all their senses. The goal of hands-on exhibitions is not only to transmit knowledge but also to encourage visitors to be creative, critical and independent in the way they think and act. The focus is on learning by playing and experimenting.

Each Museum of Senses exhibition also integrates local intangible heritage stories which enable each visitor to get an authentic and inspiring, but also innovative experience of local heritage. This offers visitors a completely different local and museum experience in each of our two museums. Unique exhibits and attractions of each of our museum zones are created by excellent local and international artists, designers, and architects. Therefore, we ensure high quality and professional management of our museum exhibitions and services. The Museum of Senses is a children and family-friendly exciting and multi-faceted introduction to the world of museum, science, edutainment and heritage interpretation.

The first Museum of Senses was opened at the end of 2017 in Prague and has since continued to grow, now featuring two museums in two countries. New Museums of Senses will soon be opening in Europe and worldwide as they are an amazing franchising opportunity.

Congratulations to our museum’s over 1.000.000 visitors who have dared to sense more!

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