Experiential marketing and pop-up museum for a WOW experience

The Museum of Senses is a great place to host a temporary exhibition also focused on investigating and providing interesting information about the senses. We consider experiential marketing and telling your brand story through an interactive exhibition to be very powerful tools for interacting with your customers and providing more in-depth information about your brand. Companies are encouraged to create temporary exhibitions, providing deeper insight in the industrial processes but also enabling each museum visitor direct contact with the product, whether by touching, smelling, listening, watching or tasting it.
Each partner is discussed thoroughly and independently so we can deliver the utmost experience for both the client and museum visitors. The best effect of experiential marketing is achieved with 60 – 90 day long projects. In addition to experiential marketing, we also provide other services in the event management category for our B2B partners (festival organizers or city tourist boards) such as pop-up museum or “museum outside museum”. In these situations, we rent out our mobile sensory exhibits and customize them to a specific event or occasion (indoor or outdoor). This concept offers an added experience value to each event and creates an authentic connection with the destination.

Ana Gašparović, August 2019

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